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Coconino Press is one of Italy’s leading publishers of comics graphic novels.

Founded in 2000 in Bologna by Igort and Carlo Barbieri, its name comes from the
homonymous county in George Herriman’s KrazyKat.

For the past years, Coconino has dramatically transformed the popular
perception of comics in Italy, pioneering the distribution of comic books in traditional
book stores and publishing some of the greatest cartoonists in the world. Among the
national authors, Coconino is proudly home to Manuele Fior, Gipi, Davide Reviati, Paolo
Bacilieri and Lorenzo Mattotti, and among the international artists are David B.,
Christophe Blain, Charles Burns, Daniel Clowes, Emmanuel Guibert, Killoffer, Manu
Larcenet, Jason Lutes, Suehiro Maruo, David Mazzucchelli, James Sturm, Jiro Taniguchi,
Jacques Tardi,Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Lewis Trondheim, Bastien Vivès, Chris Ware and Jim

Now based in Rome, after becoming part of the Fandango multimedia group in 2009,
Coconino is currently headed by one of the most exciting alternative cartoonists in Italy,

Ratigher has brought a dynamic structural change to the publisher’s catalogue and a new
vigor to its original mission of bringing readers what they don’t expect: comics that
embody the highest artistic exploration of our times.

Foreign Rights:

Coconino Press energetically pursues translation of its national titles abroad. If you are
interested in reviewing one of our volumes for prospective publication, please get in
touch with our foreign rights agent at the mailing address below:

Alessandra Sternfeld c/o Am-Book